Sunday, October 28, 2012

Haunted Houses

Mom came home after shopping with Eric and Taneil with a haunted house for everyone to decorate.  It was awesome! I am always looking for fun things for my kids to do on Sundays that we can either do together, or that can keep the peace in our home while avoiding video games, and keeping the tv watching to a minimum.  In fact, as I am sitting here recording this the kids are all spread across the great room with beads and string everywhere, but there is peace (relative) and quiet (again it is all relative) in my home. This day was especially sweet for me because my brother Eric, and his wife Taneil were here, and my brother John came over as well.  It had been the primary presentation earlier and they were all there to support my kids.  John was taking great care to do what my kids wanted including leaving a piece off of the house so that Skyler could eat it (Why this kid likes eating stale gingerbread I will never know!) Everyone had a great time, and my day came to an end when I tearfully called my brother and thanked him for the time and attention that he gave to my kids that day. I am the only one in my family that has any kids (for now) and so my brothers haven't gone through all of the emotions associated with kids, and maybe they never will, maybe it is a girl thing, or just a crazy Melanie thing.  Regardless, it was a fun family activity, and it filled my heart with gratitude for my siblings, and my family.

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