Monday, September 3, 2012

Ryley is 3

 Today Ryley turned 3 years old, and it was so fun to celebrate her.  She is my baby girl, and such a little doll.  I often tell Jordan that I want another baby, and Ryley always hurtfully responds "but Mommy, I'm your baby"  Sadly she is growing up.  She loves to dance around the house with me.   She enjoys pretty dresses.  She complains every time that I tell her that we need to do her hair, but she asks me to change it if she changes her clothes.  She puts on her makeup almost every morning in my bathroom while I get ready for the day.  Ryley adores her brothers, and she is really such a blessing to our family.

Our day today started out with Ryley finding some balloons right outside her door attached to $3 that she was thrilled to put into her piggy bank,  Then we had a fun breakfast of birthday cake pancakes, and cinnamon bun pancakes.  The pancakes were well received, but definitely sweet. Then Ryley begged to open her presents and was spoiled by all of the love. My favorite gift was her personalized book.  Her favorite was probably a doll that she got with a spray bottle and comb so that she can do her hair.

Then tonight we were able to have her family party which was all cupcake themed. The little favor for the kids and their cousins was a cupcake carrier for lunches. The pinata turned out great and was probably my favorite part.

Happy Birthday baby girl, I love you to the moon and back and forever and ever.

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Brooklyn Berry said...

I am so glad you love the personalized book. Jett loves his too. Cute party!