Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to School

School Started again for us, like everyone else.  Skyler is now a very competitive high achieving second grader, and Ethan has started kindergarten.  I was so sad taking Ethan in for his first day, and it really surprised me.  I mean I have done this before, and it is not like I was coming home to an empty house, but it was hard to leave him behind.  I swear he is still too small to be away from me every day.

Skyler wants to be the very best in his class and will make plans to do 3 book reports in a weekend, just so that he can make sure that nobody else has done more than him.  He was really happy to go back and to see him friends, and I am really happy with his teacher this year.

Ethan comes out of school every day and tells me that it was the best day ever.  It is really nice to see how happy he is, but I am still sad dropping him off.  Thankfully I still get to keep him home for a few days a week, and I can get my Ethan fix.

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