Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pason Family Zoo day

Jordan works for a great company and they have this fun Zoo day that we got to go to this year.  Our whole family was able to go, even Mom, and it was soo fun.  There was a BBQ lunch with lifesaver popsicles that the kids LOVED!  Then there was a play about penguins that had a lot of audience participation - it was super funny.

There was a great face painter who transformed my sweet baby girl into a ferocious Lion, and my handsome boy into a snow leopard   
sadly the other little man refused to participate.  Then Sheldon the tortoise can for an up close and personal visit.  Our stay at the tent ended with some bouncy castle time. All of the kids had a blast, Ryley is finally getting big enough that she isn't just trampled by other kids in them.
 I think this picture of Skyler was right after he hit Ethan, and right before his play time ended.

They also had gift bags for each of the kids with some fun summer toys in them - the kids were in heaven.

We were able to walk around the zoo as much as we wanted, again sadly we didn't really take full advantage of this.  The weather was like 33 degrees that day, and it was a little warm walking around with some hot cranky kids so we saw some highlights and then came home.

I feel blessed that Jordan has a company to work for that he enjoys and that puts on such fun events for the family to go to.

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