Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Magrath Days 2012

We love Magrath Days, we make a point of going down every year.  The kids always have a blast, and I love the small town feel.  This year was different though, My Aunt Sandy and Uncle kim were in Florida, so they were not around for the fun - thankfully they still honored my standing reservation at their house so that we could enjoy the fun.  The second big difference was that we had some really great friends join us this time.  Sad though that the only picture that I have of any of them is a really awkward picture of the back of Donalds head.

The kids and I made the trip down Friday afternoon so that we could get all the fun we could into the weekend.  We started off with a little carnival.  Skylers favorite part was trying to climb the rope - if someone made it to the top without using their feet they won $50, sadly Skyler couldn't get more than a few feet. Ethan thought that he was amazing, and all that he could do was sit on the knot at the bottom.

Ryleys favorite was the duck races in the big feeding trough - truly it was just a water fight.

The kids tried their hand at bobbing for apples. Skyler was a champ, thankfully he was willing to share his winnings with Ryley - she was a little weak at this one.

Ryley had her face painted like a butterfly and though that she was the prettiest thing around.  It was funny to watch Ryley keep up with the boys, and it was funny to see someone hand over a pellet gun to my 5 year old and say shoot.

We took a couple of wagon rides, it really was  so fun.

To finish off our Friday festivities, Skyler tried his hand a mutton busting - it was soo funny to see this little city boy out there with all of the small town and country kids.  He did hold his own though, and thought that it was really fun, and asked if he could do it again next year.

On Saturday we had the parade where the kids just may have gotten record amounts of candy - it was insane how much these kids got.  Skyler is really a strategy guy.  Ethan got a tooth brush, thought it was great until he realized that it wasn't candy and threw it back down to grab a handful of candy. 

Grandma and Grandpa Fox came out for the parade and lunch, and as always it was great to see them.

After lunch the kids got to go on a couple of bouncy houses, play with the animals in the petting zoo, and then we took them to the pool.  There was a breeze and the kids didn't last as long in the pool as long as I expected.  Skyler loved the diving board though and went off again and again as long as Jordan or I would stay close by.  Ethan was finding pennies on the bottom of the kiddie pool, and took his responsibilities to pick up every penny very seriously - which was especially funny when a couple of boys dumped them back into the pool without him noticing.

We were then able to watch Magrath's got talent and enjoy a free beef on a bun dinner before heading back to the house to bath all of the kids and get them to bed.

Our fun ended with a fireworks show - I love it, we are able to sit right underneath them, and they do a really good job, especially when you think that it is just a small town putting it on.

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