Thursday, July 19, 2012

Star wars Party!

 Skyler is now 7 years old.  Like Ethan this year there was no friends party.   He got to pick one friend and go somewhere of his chosing.  He chose to go to Shakers with his friends Sam, so Jordan spent a night out with the boys.  Then we had a family BBQ in his honour and the theme was starwars.  He had a lot of fun, and lucky for out guests the food was more normal this time.  We just named everything starwarsish.  We had Yoda Soda, Han Burgers, Palpatine potatoes, Tatoonine treats, wookie cookies and light sabers. Darth Vader made his appearance as the cake.  I decorated everything in blue and green (a color palate that I took from the starwars plates that I bought in the states months ago) I made the treat bags for the pinata look like clone troopers, or at least that is what they were supposed to look like - they made me laugh if nothing else. We had the customary pinata, and I went with the Death Star because come on people it is round, how much easier could it get.  Sadly Skyler called me on it a number of times saying that I was being lazy and that I just chose the easy thing to make.  The only hiccup that this party had was that it was the day after my kids were so good for the fireworks, and they were a little emmotional Ryely got to walk back to the house after a tantrum while we were doing the pinata. 

Then on his actual birthday he got his starwars bedding for his room, 7 balloons tied to 7 loonies, and we went to a restaurant of his chosing, he chose Boston Pizza, at least he likes sit down restaurants now.

I am so grateful for Skyler.  He is a loving big brother and always likes everyone to know when he is doing something good, and being really nice.  He is a perfectionist like me, and likes to have control and order in his little space.  Poor Skyler and I have too much in common somtimes, but I am proud of who he is, and am excited to continue to watch him grow.

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