Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heritage Park

During the Stampede they had fireworks that went off at 5 different locations around the city.  We were fortunate enough to come across some tickets to the show at Heritage Park, so our family went and enjoyed the festivities.  The kids were so well behaved, after a mandatory 3 hour family nap.

My Brother Eric and his wife Taneil were in town, so we dragged them along, and my kids loved having someone else to take them on the rides.
I made Jordan get the band neither one of us do really well with spinny rides, but I think that he does a little better than me.

 Ryely just went from one ride to another and couldn't get on enough.  Thankfully the lineups were not too bad since we left the house at bed time.
The fireworks were the biggest most sophisticated display ever done in Canada, and they were pretty good, but we Canadians could take a lesson or two from our neighbours to the south.

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