Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day

  Today was a glorious Day, and we got to celebrate the great Nation that we live in.  We had church today, and I was able to be a sub in primary.  It was a lot of fun, I like visiting primary, but I am also very happy with my calling in Relief Society. After church we came home and had some lunch and changed into our Canada Day schmag before heading out to Okotoks.   There was a lot of activities going on that were fun for the kids. It was kind of difficult because we would not let the kids spend any money. There was lots of things to do but plenty of things for sale as well.  The kids all had a blast though. They loved the bouncy house, and Skyler and Ethan both had a chance to shoot at floating targets.  Ryley was able to go into a smaller bouncy house as well that the older boys were too big for. There was a ball toss, princess for the girls, and spiderman for the boys.

After a while we decided to head home and cool off.  On our way home we were hit with a crazy rain/hail storm.  Our plans to go have a weiner roast in fish creek were kind of delayed, and then my Grandma and Grandpa Fox, my aunt Sandy and my Aunt Sue were up so we had a BBQ instead.  (that way we could accommodate my grandparents) and I guess it saved us from the mud too.  It was great, we pulled out what we had in the fridge, threw together a quick salad and we were good to go.  My kids had a great day, which most of the times means that I had a great day too, and today was no exception!

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