Friday, August 17, 2012

So I missed telling a monumental story from our trip to Montana this year.  You see I now have a 7 year old, isn't he sweet looking?  Well for his 7th birthday his uncle Eric and Aunt Taneil decided to give him a rotten no good birthday present.  They bought him a glorified spit ball gun.  Yup you read that right a spit ball gun - yuck!!!  So needless to say Skyler thought that this gift was great, I on the other hand would have been happy to never have seen the stupid thing.  I am the mom though, so he hadn't been allowed to play with it.  (Really spit balls all over my windows... please!)  So when we packed up the van to go to Montana, I told him that he could bring it, I figured we were pretty much out in the middle of no where, what harm could he do?  Well, the day came when he told me that he was bored, so I said that he could take his spit ball gun outside and try it out.  He was outside for only a few minutes before he came running inside with this huge smile on his face and excitedly told me that he hit a bird!  A what?  A bird, and it is under the purple bucket. I of course want nothing to do with this, so I sent Jordan out to investigate, and sure enough there was a poor innocent little bird, brought to it's death via a spitball gun.

My mother in law was mortified, she has bird feeders all over the place,and tries really hard to get them to come to the cabin.  My father in law was kind of impressed, and my feelings for the gun just got a little more intense!

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Tamara Loewen said...

He actually KILLED a bird with that gun?? I didn't realize it had that kind of power! Wow! Sounds like something my boys would do for sure!