Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ashley Lake 2012

We LOVE Ashley Lake, it is so nice to get away from every day life, relax and enjoy time together.  It is fun to see the kids growing up and finding more confidence in their abilities on the lake, and to see the things that they come up with to keep themselves occupied.  Skyler loved t tube, and could go on pretty crazy rides, but he did think that it was fun to bail off the back of the tube. He skied on the brown skis which are boarded together and the handle is attached no problem, and he tried every day, multiple times every day to ski with the white skis which are ones that he has to hole onto the rope and pull himself up with.  He tried a grand total of 47 times this year, and never really made it. He made it up lots, but quickly lost his balance or bailed.

Ethan loved the easy ski, and the tube.  He had a blast playing in all of the little houses and played with Jordan's cousin Jackson very well.  He loved the park and trampoline at Uncle Ken's cabin.

Ryley was a little Diva and her glasses were never far away. She loved being behind the boat until she some how managed to fall off of the easy ski and didn't let go, so she was dragged back to the boat.  She did get back up again, but would cry the whole time.  It totally broke my heart, but I felt like she really needed to do it again so that she could see that it was still fun, and that she wasn't going to fall again.

We had a couple of cooler days where it just wasn't hot, and you didn't really feel like jumping in the water, but overall it was a really great week. We had a fire one of those nights so that the kids could have some smores - I am not convinced that my kids really like smores.  I think that they like them in theory, but would much rather eat the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate separately.

Jordan always make everything look easy, and I LOVE to watch him behind the boat.  Jordan, Rick and I went golfing one day and Jordan and I both had really good games, in fact Jordan played more or less a bogie game of golf.  He got a number of pars, and then a few not so hot holes, overall it was a really good game.

I so so love that we have Ashley lake to go to, I think that it is one of the most beautiful places there are, and my favorite thing to do is sit and read a book, or look out at the lake in the morning while it is still a little cool out.

On the Sunday of the long weekend there was a group BBQ and talent show -I love this every year.  This year Skyler played the piano and Ethan and Ryley sang along, and Ethan really wanted to sing a 5 little duck song that he enjoyed from school.  At least that was the plan, in reality Skyler played the piano and I looked like an idiot with 2 kids who wouldn't sing a thing.  Oh well there is always next year, how stupid do you think I can look then?

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