Saturday, February 12, 2011


We made it home from our vacation and everyone crawled into bed at 1:30 this morning. Our trip to Mexico was much anticipated in our home, both for a break in our long winter, and because it was with Grandma and Grandpa Nielson. I planned well in advance different things that I could pack in the boys backpacks that they could be responsible for, and that would help keep them busy during the travel. Miss Ryley got a purse to be in charge of which she loved, and then as with everything lost interest in - oh well.

Our flight down left at 6:30 in the morning meaning that we had to be at the airport at 4:30, and we were! The problem is that we stood in the check in line for over 1 1/2 hours - I am not talking about security, or even customs, I am talking about the check in to get our boarding passes. By the time the lady figured out what she was doing there were no seats left, and there were 7 of us to check in. We finally got rushed through customs, and then at security we had a lady on a power trip and we stood in line for full searches and pat downs (even though our boarding passes were not tagged) even Miss Ryley was thoroughly patted down. We made it to the plane, Jordan handed me the boarding passes so that we could find our seats and I started bawling, yes the ugly cry right on the plane. They had Ethan and Skyler each sitting by themselves one in the middle, and one at the very back of the plane. Other passengers were very kind and changed seats so that at least Jordan and I could each sit next to the kids, not all together, but the boys were not alone. We landed 1/2 hour early and then sat on the tarmac for an hour for a gate to open up. Connecting flight in Pheonix, we still did not have boarding passes for, and again they were having problems with our tickets. Again we were not all together, but at least they were sensitive enough to make sure the kids each had an adult with them. We boarded the plane, taxied out, turned around and went back to the gate there was a mechanical problem, and they were going to look for another plane. Thankfully they fixed the problem and we were only delayed about 45 minutes. Finally we were in the air and on our way to Mexico, and we landed and got our luggage - but wait the excitement is not over. Rick and Ann had to gate check their carry on luggage because there was not enough room for them, and when we picked them up in Mexico someone was kind enough to steal Ricks wallet and i-phone.

The resort was wonderful, our room was perfect and the kids were really glad to be done with traveling. Our week was wonderful, although it wasn't quite as warm as we had hoped. It always warmed up in the afternoon, but the mornings, and evenings were quite cool. Skyler and Ethan both tried the big water slide. We got Ethan to do it twice. Skylers favorite part was playing in the wave pool. He figured out how to ride the waves in a tube and was really quite proud of himself.Ethan like to carry the tubs around and had a few good days with them as well.

Jordan and Rick went on a Canopy tour to do all of the zip lines. They both really wanted to go, and I was afraid that I would get physically ill at the heights before I could enjoy the thrill of the ride. I was really happy that they could go and do it together as father and son, and that they both got a chance to do it since Ann and I were both refusing to go.

We went downtown Puerto Vallarta one day to the markets and Skyler and Ethan each scored a whistle and Ryley got 2 bracelets. We walked along the beach side and saw some pretty amazing sand sculptures and this one guy who stood there completely covered in sand. Ryley got pretty upset when I had no more money for her to put in the box.

We ate dinner at Chiles while we were in town, and there was a kids play structure in the restaurant. The kids had so much fun playing while we waited for our food.

All 3 of the kids loved the lazy river, especially when the waves were on. We made sure to do a couple of rides each day.Skyler was going all by himself after the first day, and again so proud of how big he was.

Lots of time was spent at the kids pool where there are water slides, shallow water and lots of spray things.Ryley had fun being independent and refused to let anyone help her do anything, she was all or nothing. Completely on her own, or she was being carried.We went to church on Sunday and it was kind of funny that even though we had an address the taxi drivers did not know how to find it.
It was a nice building surrounded by a gate, and there were ruins across the street.

Lots of walks around the beautiful resort, and we were always sure to see an iguana sitting at the falls. There were tons of beautiful flowers and sweet moments where my kids got along.We went on a nice walk along the beach on Sunday and saw a baby sea turtle trying to get out to sea. There was a sand crab, and a star fish missing an appendage. Skyler was gathering all kinds of sea shells, and we all got our feet wet. a few days later we went down just to play. Skyler and Grandpa built a masterfull sandcastle while Jordan frantically built decoy sand castles for our destructive baby to focus her attention on.It would not have been a complete trip to the beach if someone didn't give the sand a taste.!Then my camera died and I was super upset. This is my new camera from Christmas and my old camera I only had to charge a couple of time a year, and this one I charged a month ago, and sadly I did not have my charger with me. I missed some great picture of animals, and my kids. One that I really wish I could have gotten was Skyler pushing Ann around in the tube. apparently he dumped her a few times in the waves, and she still likes him, and he LOVED it!

Jordan and I went to Rhythms of the Night, which was super fun. We took a boat to Los Calitas, a secluded beach where we got to watch an interpretive show on Mexican history and traditions. We had a candle lit dinner on the beach and then another boat trip home. I am super grateful for the time that I got to spend with just Jordan, and my in-laws made that possible and encouraged Jordan and I to take a break.

The trip home was far less eventful, although the connection was a bit of a joke again. I am happy to be sleeping in my own bed, and beyond thrilled with the memories that we made, and the time that we got to spend together as a family without all of the chaos of everyday.

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