Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Breakfast

Sundays are hard with little kids, trying to get everyone ready for church, making sure that their clothes stay clean long enough to get to church, trying to get them to stay quiet at church, and of course the doozy for us - missing naps for church.

We have chosen to look on the bright side. I am having a lot of fun in my new calling as Nursery leader, not going to lie it is a daunting thought when the vast numbers of children that I will get to play with are put in front of me, but we have made it structured, and I am soo happy to say that nursery is a happy place for me, and the children.

Also, my family is totally loving having full breakfasts on Sunday, something that we forgo most days for some toast or cereal. In the last month we have had breakfast pullaparts, eggs
benedict, and crepes to name a few, and I am certain that my children are loving it!
these were the best pictures I could get this morning - I tried!

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