Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Love Day!

We had a great day in our home. I had set out a special valentines treat for my kids to find in the morning, but I swear they are the most unobservant little people ever. Last year I had helium balloon right outside their door, they walked around them, and had to be redirected before they even noticed them. this year I had treats right at the top of the stairs - they stepped on them and kept going, and had to be called back up to find them.

Skyler asked if we were having a special breakfast, we have only been home for a day, so my umm of course response lead to heart shaped pancakes, we even had a special request for a ruffly heart.While Skyler was at school getting a ridiculous amount of treats, Ethan Ryley and I went grocery shopping so that we would have some more food choices (the fridge was pretty sparse)

When Skyler was done school we had some spaghetti for lunch with heart shaped Jello Jigglers.After I finished reclaiming my house from our vacation and what we had of the weekend we decorated some sugar cookies, read some super cute books (Crocodiles need kisses too, and Hugless Dougless) We ate a nice healthy snack of cupid heart (watermelon and oranges) and some strawberry's.

Jordan had planned a secret dinner for me, so we fed the kids and got them ready for bed, then I was banished to the upstairs until he came to get me. Let me tell you it was soo worth the wait. Jordan made me some garlic shrimp, Lobster Therm-adore and zucchini. He plated everything nice using parsley as an accent, had the candles lit, and martinelli's cooled and waiting.I truly felt so blessed yesterday playing with my kids and enjoying Valentines day with them, and then having my wonderful husband go to so much trouble for me. Life is good!


Dorienne said...

What a romantic dinner. Once again, you take first place for the best mommy!

The Meyers said...

I second what Dorienne said! All that the day after you got home! Wow you are super mom. What a great looking dinner :-)