Thursday, February 24, 2011


I was going to go to aerobics this morning - it has been a while coming. I was going to go with my sister in law, but then I couldn't make, then she couldn't, then I couldn't, the I couldn't (you get the point). Today I decided that I was just going to go, so I packed up the kids, and off we went. When we got there there was nobody there, so I called my sister in law to find out that it was canceled this week. Great, just my luck! A little disappointing the kids and I head home and I hear Ethan in the back seat "don't worry mommy I have a workout in my purse, and I will share with you" I thought that was funny, but his commentary kept going, eventually he decided that he was going to be the daddy, and he was a good daddy, and his name was going to be "Awe Jordan" haha, I wonder what is going on in this kids head!

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Dorienne said...

That is really cute. Right now all Walker talks about is "when I'm a dad" stuff.