Thursday, June 3, 2010


Family is one of the greatest blessing and joys of my life. We really have been doing a fair bit to keep busy, including a weekend trip to Edmonton, which included lots of family fun, and a trip to the water park. A last minute trip to Lethbridge to see some family. Random park trips, the long drive to the oh so cool Bass Pro shops (seriously a cool store, and I am NO fisher). All of this has happened, but I have not had my camera on hand, and I think just writing about it here is not soo fun, it NEEDS pictures, so here are some of the pictures that I do have.

Ethan is LOVING having the backyard to play in, and having some weather nice enough for him to enjoy being out.Miss Ryley is getting soo big. She is nine months old today, and just the cutest little munchkin. She can crawl now, and is working oh so hard on walking. She has on occasion walked across a room just holding onto one hand.
Ethan's birthday is on Saturday, and my baby boy will be 3 years old! Grandma and Grandpa Nielson are going to miss it because they have some work to do in Montana, so they stopped by last night with Ethan's gift. To say that he was excited would be an understatement. He got a big boy hockey net (I remember my brothers trying to get one of these when they were teenagers) a hockey stick, eye spy game and bug catcher. He has already spent hours with his hockey stuff. You will have to pardon his lack of pants, we are potty training, and in doing really well this week, here's hoping...
Skyler was lucky enough to get a stick as well so that he can play with Ethan, and he loves it, although he is a bit bossy. Right now he keeps hiding the ball that came with his stick, and 'playing with Ethan' which means he plays with Ethan's ball, and makes him run around trying to get it back, this unfortunately is not Ethan's favorite way to play.

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Ashley Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to a big 3 year old! You guys sure know how to keep busy! Glad to be back in the blog world!