Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Lunch on Tuesday

My Mother in law was out of town for Mother's Day, and I thought a little lunch in her honor could be really cute and fun. When I first had the idea Jordan told me no because he would be out of town, and she in not my Mom. After serving at the mission home and Sister Archibald expressing how much it would mean to her, and how much she would love it I called my sister in law's and put a plan into action. I made little favors to go on the plates, and we did everything in purple (because that is Ann's favorite color) made mini croissant chicken salad sandwiches, mandarin salad, juice, and chocolate cream tarts.

This would be a fabulous example of me not doing very well with the camera, because I don't even have a picture of Ann. I was able to snag this picture of Dakota enjoying dessert!

I love my Ann, and am grateful for her influence in my life, and the life of my family. I am grateful to know that she deeply cares for us, and has our best interests in mind. If I were asked where Ann's priorities were, it would be a simple answer - her family!

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Marie said...

you are such a good daughter in law!