Thursday, May 6, 2010

busy busy

So I have been really busy the last couple of weeks. Last Wednesday I got an order for 17 aprons and chef hat - yay, it was nice to have a big order, but they were needed for Saturday, yup 3 days later, and I do have 3 kids. I had a few late nights, and recruited my mom to help as well, and I got them done. Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture of all the finished aprons until I dropped them off. They were used for a little girls baking birthday party, and I wanted to see them on all 17 little people, but they were drying after the kids got to decorate them, so no pictures there either.

This week is a cooking week (like how it is all separated ;) I have the mission home 3 times this week, and I have also been asked to supply 200 muffins every 6 weeks as well, so I needed to do those for the missionary interviews. So far I am 2 meals down, and 1 left to go. I would say that I am looking forward to a break, but then next week Jordan is out of town all week, so it will be spent working on my psychological well being without any kid breaks ;)

In the middle of all this Miss Ryley has pretty much mastered siting, and we are expecting the crawling to come within the next few weeks. can you tell that I totally made her get ready to crawl and sit just so that I could take a picture? It seems like that camera is never on hand when I want it, and all of the cute pictures I have to steal off of Jordan's i-phone. One of these days I will figure something out that will work for me.

We are also in party planing mode at our house, with Summer comes birthdays, and I am excited to celebrate with the little people in my life!

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