Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommy's Day

I LOVE being a mom, and I am so grateful for my little family and all that they do for me. Skyler has had the opportunity to make me a few things (at church, school etc.) and every time he gives me something he asks "Do you know why I made that for you?... Because I love you" Man, I hope that kid knows how much I love him!

My boys are soo good to me. While I was out yesterday they picked out some flowers for me, so they were on the counter when I got home.I love the hyacinths. Apparently Skyler has some expensive taste in flowers and Jordan had to keep him grounded somewhere in our limited budget.

Today I got to sleep in, and had a delicious breakfast of biscuits and gravy made for me, and a thoughtful gift of the family book of Mormon with extra references and pictures to use for our family scripture study. I love it, and hope that it will help the kids be more involved in our reading.
I also love how my relationships with my brothers have grown and developed. I had the idea to do a makeover day for my mom, but the I didn't have the money to do it, so I talked to my brothers, and between the 5 of us we were able to plan a day for my mom, and I know she loved it. I made appointments for her nails, hair, and a pedicure, and made plans to take her to lunch. My Mom is one of the most selfless women that I know, and has never taken time for herself. Had we just given my mom gift certificates she would have held onto them for a LONG LONG time, and then given them to me, so by me taking her out it ensured that SHE was pampered for the day. She is a great example to me of sacrifice and charity, and I love her dearly. Here is the before an after of her hair.
I think she looks HOT and 10 years younger!

I spent a few weeks, with the help of my Mother in Law making a new quilt for my Mom. My Dad made her throw away an old blanket that she used to cuddle up under when watching TV.I hope that she can keep warm and know that each heart was pieced together with love, and that I had plenty of help from her grandsons who loved to 'help' while I was sewing.

Happy Mothers day to all the women out there. Whether you are a mother today or not, you do touch the lives of those around you and can be a great influence on them.

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Bree Johnson said...

SISTER DARKER YOU HOTTIE- And melanie you looked gorgeous today!