Friday, May 7, 2010

I Love My Family!

This morning after getting up with Ryley and over hearing the saddest little commentary coming from Ethan ("Skyler Mommy is gone she is not in there" said in a tearful voice after I heard him go into my room, and downstairs looking for me) I went back into my bedroom and saw this. All of the my little family sleeping in y bed, although the moment would have been sweeter if Ethan didn't speak up and tell me that there was no room for me.I Love how much these boys love their sister, even if I have to remind them often each day to give her a littler personal space.

I am seriously dreading next week while Jordan is gone to the rigs.I know some mom's do this on a regular basis, but I am lucky enough never to have had to go more than a couple of days (on 2 occasions) without Jordan coming home each night, and I REALLY look forward to the sanity break that it brings. He will learn a lot, and it will be good for him to see the products he creates in practical use.

On a completely unrelated issue, Skyler has now had 3 soccer games canceled out of the 4 that there should have been.he is actually really good (much to my surprise) he scored like 5 of the 10 goals that his team got, and really understood the concept of trying to get the ball in the goal. Apparently this is one more way that he is very much like Jordan. Jordan used to score a ton of goals when he was little too, When I finally came around to playing sports, I liked to pick dandelions ;)

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