Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can you see him?

(you can see him best on the big screen, kind of sad hey)
Jordan's Convocation was yesterday! I am soo proud of him and his accomplishments. He has now graduated, and been recognized for 7 years of school, completed with a wife and 3 kids, and he came out of it owning our home (small as it may be) and 2 vehicles. I love this man, and know that I married the right person!
we didn't go outside for pictures, but it was beautiful, so maybe we should have. There were tons of people trying to take pictures on the back drops, and I swear we had one taken of Jordan and I, although there is none on my camera. I will have to track down one off my in-laws because I was not able to go to his bachelors convocation. Ethan had just been born 5 weeks early and was not allowed extended car travel because of his weak respiratory system, and convocation was in Edmonton.

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Justin, Kira and Evan said...

Congratulations Jordan!!