Tuesday, June 22, 2010


For a while now I have been wanting an i-pod touch, or an i-phone for a few reasons. I could put scriptures on them, and it would be way easier to get to church since my scriptures are another bag, that I normally don't have a free hand to carry, and when they are out I have little hands ripping pages.

Random games to keep kids occupied in a pinch!

Well, Fido has a great deal on them right now, and my brother manages one of their stores. We had been going back and forth trying to figure out how to make it work, when Stephen showed up at my house with an i-phone, and a pink cover!!!

I said to Jordan that I am super lucky and have the best brothers, and his response "yup, you do"

I am having fun learning how to use it, and this may prove to be a bad thing - I have totally got OCD, and might like lists and organizing a little too much, and this makes that even easier!


Bree Johnson said...

how fn You totally need to show me what they can do I bet wed like the same stuff! pink cover- even more awesome!

Dorienne said...

When I got my touch, James felt like he was a widower! I was glued 14/7. Now it's just 22/6!!!