Tuesday, November 18, 2008

keeping kids busy

We have had lots of fun this past week trying to keep the kids busy. The weather has been warm (relatively), but we don't have a lot of snow, and it is pretty wet to be at the parks, so I have been trying to find things inside to keep the kids busy.
We made homemade finger paints, and thank goodness I knew what was in them because Ethan loved to eat it.I think Skyler managed to make something like 20 pictures, and they got more and more brown as he went, but he, as usual loved it!
We made Stop and Goo Cars again - always a hit around here.

We made FOUR batches of play dough because the kids wanted all 4 colours in the food coloring box which is fine, but it soon became one kind of blah colourand my personal favorite so far this winter is the slime. So easy to make, soo gross to touch, and little boys just adore that goopy feeling on thier hands.
I must admit, I am a little nervous with Skyler getting older and wanting more to keep him busy am I going to have enough ideas to keep him busy until spring?Are we actually going to have some good, not too cold snowy weather so the kids can play outside?

Do any of you have good Winter time keep busy ideas?


Kristy said...

that's so funny, while i was online looking for things to do with my kids inside, I saw your blog post. You should put up the recipes of all those things in your post.
When my kids are bored we will play forts, where blankets will cover a highchair or anything and they can hide under there with flashlights etc. We played megablocks today and then when it was time to clean up they got to throw each block into the buckets and had to stand by the tape i put on the carpet. I did edible playdough one day but don't really suggest it as they don't really play, just eat. lol.

Dayna said...

hey melanie
can u send me the recipe for the slime? I think Jayden would love that!