Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Candy

What do you do with your kids Halloween candy? Let them have at it, and it is gone in a few days, Ration it out - that could last at least a year with the loot that my kids got
For the last couple of years I have let Skyler have a treat or two a day, all the while Jordan eating it at night, and then after a month or so I have made Jordan put it away, or threatened to throw it all out - then it ends up in our bedroom, but he finishes it off and life goes on. I was thrilled when I saw This idea for dealing with candy - we were already a week late, so I didn't stamp, I used a silver marker, and I didn't waste my time on brads, I used a hot glue gun to attach the cups
Skyler was able to pick 2 treats a day, and put them into his cups which are attached to paper covered diaper box (that is where all of my card board comes from)
Then I glued tissue on top so that he can use his little fist to get at his treat each day.

I love it this way the candy is done and gone in a month. Skyler got to pick out what he wanted before Jordan ate it (although he seems not to go for Chocolate, so Jordan wouldn't have had too much competition)

Next time I would plan ahead and find slightly smaller cups, and maybe a bigger piece of Cardboard and make it more into a calender, but I like the idea all the same.


Amber Wigg said...

Wow I love it! It's much better than my method - fighting with my kids as they constantly whine for candy.

JAKKS Cahoon said...

That's a great idea. I've always just gained 10 pounds over the next month to make sure to keep it away from my kids, because I wouldn't want them to develop any bad me.

The Bullknitter said...

You can call me a bad mom, but I just let mine eat as much as they want. The sugar rush doesn't seem to change their behavior (much) and I don't have to cook for about a week! When all the good stuff is gone (chips and chocolate), we chuck the rest, like suckers and hard gum... Basically 2 (good) things happen, 1.) they get sick of it and never want to see another candy again, and 2.) it is out of the house in a short week instead tempting me for an entire month. I do think your idea is cute, though. Probably should have heard about it a few years ago...

Dayna said...

what a great idea!