Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And today we have...

Glue, lots and lots of glue. It is my dad's birthday tomorrow, and we were busy making him a card. I ran upstairs to grab the pictures, and when I cam down we were missing 2 guilty culprits, and the glue stick! I call them both upstairs only to find out that I have glue on my TV, fireplace, window, walls, toy trucks, corn on the cob and strawberry's. After they helped me clean up their mess, they were both in time outs, and we were talking. I mentioned that Heavenly Father isn't happy with behavior like that and that it makes him sad - all of a sudden we had one very upset boy, and lots of tears. Skyler was soo upset that he made heavenly Father sad, becasue he loves Heavenly Father, and wants him to be happy.

Perhaps not all of the lessons that I am trying to teach are getting through, but this blessed little spirit is getting some of them, and I love him! messes and all!

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