Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Parcel

Since Stephen isn't around, and is busy serving his mission. I get to come up with all kinds of fun parcels to send. His birthday was in the mtc, and we used and sent a package to him that way. Unfortunately his birthday was on Labour Day, so his package was a day late. Then I got a box and filled it with all things green to make him feel like a real greeny when he went out to Ogden.

I have a green eggs and ham book that I have been working on, but haven't finished - someday he will get that.

For now we are sending him a Halloween survival kit. My Aunt Sandy and my mom both pitched in to help with this one. I found the idea here and thought is would be a great package to recieve!

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houseofhud said...

That's a really cute idea Melanie!!!