Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patty's Day

Another fun day in our house. It all started the day before when my little boys spent over an hour masterfully creating our leprechaun trap. They were certain to add all things green, build a few heart shamrocks, and sparkles, oh the glitter! We set the trap out before bed, but the sneaky little leprechaun managed to steal the bait, and get away, the boys were happy though to find that he left behind a few golden treats, they must have fallen out of his pot of gold.
For breakfast my little people were thrilled to have some sugar infused Lucky Charms, in fact the excitement was almost too much to bear. I was able to volunteer in Skyler's classroom this year and that sneaky little leprechaun played a trick on his kindergarten class and hid all of their shoes! It was fun to hear the joy in so many little voices as they sought out their shoes, and excitedly told of what tricks the leprechaun played on them.

We played some Lucky bingo to pass some time in the afternoon, and ended our evening with a traditional Irish dinner (lamb shank stew and soda biscuits) some green punch, and of course some pistachio bread - a yummy green treat for our special day.

We all wore our silly green hats at dinner time, and tried to get a picture of our family, but Ethan kind of stood right in front of miss Ryley, but believe me, she was CUTE!

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