Friday, March 18, 2011

A Reason to Celebrate!

My baby brother got his mission call today, so we had a reason to celebrate! A few days ago I called my Dad to see what he thought about making tonight a real party, and it didn't take much convincing. Stephen is going to serve in the Ogden Utah Mission and reports on August 24th. I think the long wait to report for your mission must be kind of like a long wait for your wedding, There is soo much going on in life, but Stephen is a great kid, and we are all grateful that he will be around for a little while longer, and soo proud of him for the decisions that he is making in his life.

We decided that we would eat food from wherever he is going to be serving, so if he was going to China we would order chinese, Mexico we would make some taco's, and since he is going to the states we decided to eat some delicious American burgers! (Seriously 5 guys is soo busy)
After we enjoyed dinner we came back to my parents house to break open the pinata that I made, it was covered in flags from all around the world, but since I was in such a rush to get it done, it was still a little moist, and it made for a rather difficult pinata to break, but everyone had some fun.
My parents supplied some ice cream cake that said "Return With Honor Elder Darker" that we all happily ate.

I am so grateful for family, and so glad that we could have some fun tonight, my boys were looking forward to it all day. Just so you all know, we have the coolest family in the world!


Bree Johnson said...

Thats my hometown!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will def have to tell him all the good places to go too and eat/see like hiking ben lomand
kirts drive in
johnny's dairy
cherry days
tell him he'll love being so close up to the mountains ogden is like right up against them and my fam can cook him dinner! if he's in north ogden

The Bullknitter said...

You do have a great family Melanie.

Dorienne said...

Super exciting. Five Guys is amazing. I'm so proud of your brother. He will be an awesome missionary.