Tuesday, March 15, 2011


ok, so I am certain that we are not done with the snow in Calgary, but I am DONE with winter! For some reason this winter has seemed particularly long, and harsh, maybe that is because last summer sucked! (all of the rain, or hail that killed my plants) or maybe it is because we have been unseasonable cold this winter so that we didn't spend as much time enjoying the snow - whatever the reason, I am glad that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. On Saturday we bought some yummy veggies to plant in the garden, and I am soo super excited about planting asparagus! It is a perennial, and if I care for it properly will hopefully thrive in my little garden. Yesterday I decided that we would BBQ for dinner, and it was such a welcome change. All of the kids had fun in the warm weather, and insisted on playing outside while dinner was being cooked, and took up my favorite seat on the stairs and took in my beautiful family on this warm(er than average) March day and made sure that I had pictures to help recall these wonderful memories for years to come.


Dorienne said...

Riley has the BEST smiles ever.

Young Women said...

Sadie did the same thing it felt like summer Had to force her to come in for dinner and it was still light outside. Good luck with the garden I'm sure it will be awesome