Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What a fun month!

So, I haven't posted in a month, and have a lot to catch up on, especially since it was December - a month filled with Christmas activities, fun, and lots of laughter. I pulled out all of the decorations, and the family grabbed up the Santa hats, which made frequent appearances throughout the month.

The first saturday we made the trip out to find the prefect tree, and we were super happy to be joined by Jordan's sister Jocelyn, and her family. Alise slept through it all, and Holli was a trooper for most of it.

Skyler had to do a 3-5 minute presentation at school about a tradition, and this is the one we chose, so we have lots of pictures because we had to document it and make a big poster to help him with his presentation. (which he did fantastic - I went in to help him, if he needed it, but he just kept on talking)

Skyler really loved it. Ethan had a good time, but made me drag him through the snow, and Ryley could not understand why every time we put her down she was up to her waist in snow.

Our trees always remind me of a Charlie Brown Christmas, but they make me smile all month long!

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