Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

Jordan was gone for a week this month for work. I always hate it when he is gone. I don't sleep - I know it is totally in my head, but I check the doors a million times, I check the alarm a million times, and then I wake up randomly because I heard something. Then there is of course the horrible hours of 4-6pm, when my children chose to fight and scream, and I am trying to get dinner done, and if possible, the worst of all is after the kids are all in bed, and I am left to sit by myself. I do know that some people deal with this all of the time, and I feel for them, I really do - I have not had to get used to this thankfully Jordan does not travel often, but when he does - I DON"T LIKE IT. Anyways, Jocelyn and Jeff invited the kids and I over to make gingerbread houses, and it was soo nice to have someone to talk to in the evening, and have something for the kids to look forward to. I must say, we did make a pretty nice gingerbread house, but it didn't fare well on the drive home ;(Ryley was with us, but I chose not to document her quietly sitting on a chair eating a bag full of candy that I didn't think was open!

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Dorienne said...

I love all the updates. I want to catch up and so the same looks like you had a wonderful December.