Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Weather Broke

The weather finally broke on Thursday after unseasonably cold weather. The kids and I were going stir crazy, and it is funny how after -30 weather -10 feels balmy. I took the kids tobogganing and all of them LOVED it. Skyler has asked every day since to go. After I got Ethan to go down the first time he was on the sled every time after. Miss Ryley hates being held by her brothers, but if I was holding her on the way down she was happy as could be.

Then Skyler and Jordan made a snowman in our backyard, and they didn't even need a hat and mitts. If it weren't for the the headaches I would be Chinooks biggest fan.

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Kat said...

you are brave, I still havent been outside with Mila yet:(
I am a lame ex Vancouverite mOM that hates