Thursday, November 18, 2010


I was looking through my camera today and there are just some random, pictures that I wanted to document for my family - they make ma smile.

Miss Ryley has dresses, and I mean she has a LOT of dresses! It is so fun dressing up little girls; this is something that I enjoy, my mom enjoys, my mother in law enjoys, and so does my brothers girlfriend. Isn't this dress cute!! Jame's girlfriend, Marly who we all adore has a fun time picking out cute clothes that she 'just has to get' Ryley.We are lacking in mature trees around our house, so there is not a lot a fall leaves to play in, so we raked an elderly neighbors leaves - this was the best day, and my kids LOVED it! It just feels so good doing something for someone else, although in this case, it was not a sacrifice at all - you should have seen how much fun my boys were having.
And this picture just makes me laugh, my mom was helping bundle up the kids last night and I looked over, and Ethan resembled and arctic nun, not sure that there are nuns in the arctic, but if there are, and they wear blue and orange instead of black and white then I think Ethan has the look nailed.Tonight when we were just finishing up dinner Jordan suggests that they build a fort, so off he goes with all of the kids while I clean up dinner, and they created a masterful fort to watch a movie and eat popcorn in. I Love so much that Jordan looks for fun things to do with the kids, and I know that the kids have a blast spending time with him.

Family is great, life would be pretty boring without it.

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