Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

My Dad celebrated his birthday last week, and I wanted to post a little about him. My dad is one of my best friends, he is a confidant and friend. I talk to my Mom daily, and my Dad almost as often. I know that I can always talk to him and he can help walk me through tough decisions. Jordan and I value his opinion, and have, on multiple occasions put off making decisions until we could talk to him first.

My dad was released from the hospital following a bone marrow transplant the day before I was married. At the time we were not certain that he would see me get married, and then came Skyler, my first child - a miracle that he could be there to meet my baby, and now he has been around for three children to join my family, and has a special relationship with all of them. My boys love to 'work' with grandpa, which I am sure is more for the treats then the time spent making a mess for my Dad to clean up.

Every year when his birthday comes I truly count my blessings that my dad is here with us, and a happy active part of our lives.

There are some great men in the world, and I think my dad is one of the best!

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Carla McDaniel said...

what a nice tribute to your dad and what a blessing it truly is to have him here with you, your family sharing and making so many more memories together.