Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Teeth and Good Bye's

I am done Babysitting! It feels so nice that my schedule will not revolve around someone else's children, and that I will be able to take my own kids out to do some fun things. But lets be honest I almost cried. I have had the kids for almost a year, and they just moved to Newfoundland. I will never see them again, and I am really going to miss little Rachel, who by the way kept giving me these huge hugs which made it even harder.

We had a little birthday dinner for Rachel last night and her parents came for dinner. It was Rachels birthday on moving day, so she was missing out. My camera decided to go AWOL on me though so I have no pictures of the little princess party that we had, AND I lost all of my pictures that I had not taken off the card yet.

Today I had to say goodbye to President and Sister Priday our mission presidents because they are leaving to go home this afternoon. I have worked with them for over a year as mission cook, and I will miss them dearly. They have been soo good for the mission, and so fun to get to know. I loved all of the talks sister Priday and I would have at the mission home, in the kitchen.

On another unrelated topic Skyler had a bunch of dental work done today, and they put him out to do it. He had some really bad cavities that started 'chasing' meaning that they were spreading to every tooth in his mouth. He had all of his molars capped. I am soo grateful that I have not had to deal with having a child put under before, and pray that I will not have to deal with it again. Skyler took it really well, but it is still hard to watch your babies eyes roll back in their head as they lose conciousness, and have them wake up crying, dizzy, and disoriented. I am soo grateful for modern medicine though, and that he could safely be treated this way, because the alternative of about 10 1 hour appoitments at the dentist, likely each with a tantrum and crying is more daunting, and would be far more traumatic for him.


Debbi said...

I didn't realize the Pridays were done today! WOW.

Two sad goodbyes for you! Enjoy your time to 'yourself' and your kids, though! I'll be there soon enough. (I think I no longer have kids in about August)

Ashley Dawn said...

Wow - lots of changes! Hope you can deal well with change - I know I don't so much!