Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Preschool Graduation

I finally got some pictures of Skylers little preschool graduation that we did. This time I did not forget my camera, but it died after I got a picture of the first 2 kids (neither of which were My own by the way) so I was totally at the mercy of the other wonderful mothers who were more prepared than me. In my defense though, we have only had to charge the battery on our camera 4 times in the last almost 4 years.

The graduation was nothing fancy, but cute and the kids loved it. We went to Lake Chaparral and used one of their little huts to hold out 'ceremony' where each child got a certificate, graduation hat, and then got to throw their hat in the air, and have a snack. Tannis was the lucky mom planning this event, and made cute little graduation cupcakes for the kids which they loved. We then took a walk around under the water fall and ended at the lake right by the park where the kids got to play for quite a while with all of their school frinds. It is sad that some of the kids we won't see a ton of anymore not that anyone moved, but our ward boundaries changes, so we don't see them regularily anymore.

Skyler loved school, really loved the field trips, and I think it was really good for him, but next year he gets to go 3 days a week to a preschool that I am not teaching, and I know that he will love that too.


Marie said...

Very fun. Carter's kindergarden grad was a family picnic and all the kids got cute shirts with all their classmates signatures, and a little photoalbum of the year. So much work, I just can't imagine being in charge. But it was a lovely evening, and he was so excited about it.

Ashley Dawn said...

Awwww, super cute graduation. What great ideas!