Saturday, June 20, 2009

Barnyard Birthday Bash

We finally had Ethan's birthday party today. Nobody was sick, and the weather was beautiful. Ethan had a Barnyard Birthday Bash. I made the invitations to look like a barn, and then put Ethan in as an animal in the loft. The kids started off just playing with balloons, and in the barn that we made out of fridge boxes (they loved this, and kept detouring to it during other games) Then we had the kids do a search for old Macdonald's farm animals that he lost. The kids and I (ok maybe it was just me) sang old Macdonald using the pictures that they found as prompts for what animal we had at the barn next. Then I read a story by Robert Munsch called PIGS. It is all about a girl who lets all of the pigs out of the pen, and finds them throughout her day. We followed that one by coralling our own pigs into the pig pen. I made a bunch of pigs out of balloons, and the kids each had a fly swatter to 'corral with'. This was my favorite activity by far! We had piggies in a blanket for lunch, with some chicken feed (granola type snack) watermelon, and juice boxes. The tractor cake made it's debut with these adorable little barnyard candles. The kids went nuts with the pig pinata, and we finished up with gifts, and the treat bags which were tied hobo fashion in fabric, and had a little barn, and animals in each, and they of course took home candy from the pinata. It was cute and fun, but I think I like doing kids parties better when I am not pregnant.


Ashley Dawn said...

I love that you specify it was a great day because no one was sick. You know that you're an experienced mom when..... haha. Anyway, that sounds like a GREAT party. You have such great ideas!

Debbi said...

LOVE the pig-corral game! Super cute!