Friday, January 11, 2013

Regal Kids Christmas Party

We were able to attend another Regal kids Christmas Party this year, and as always it was a huge success.  Each of the kids found their own way to enjoy the bouncy houses.  Skyler prefers to slide hear first. Ethan goes traditional, and Ryely goes for the tummy, being slight more conservative than her older brothers.
Then the kids all decorated ginger cookies.  For some odd reason Skyler loves ginger cookies, even the stale hard ones that you use with gingerbread houses, he loves them and would rather eat than decorate.

Ethan had Grandma do his bidding and piled as much candy as possible on the cookie.
 Ryley is just particular.
 Ethan refused to have his face painted, but Skyler and Ryley were both happy to stand in line.  Ryley wanted some cute candy canes on her cheek, but Skyler wanted bushy eye brows, a mustash and a beard, what a weirdo.
 Of course Santa came as well, and the kids were all spoiled and loved the treasures that they received.  Ethan even had a picture to give to Santa.

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