Friday, January 11, 2013

Pason Christmas Party at Shakers

We had the annual Pason kids Christmas Party at Shakers again this year, but they made one small change that made a huge difference for our family.  They put crayons on the table and covered the tables in paper.  I have 2 very focused coloring children who will color for hours on end, and it just happens that they are my 2 youngest that have the hardest time staying occupied at Shakers. Can you not see the focus and determination in these 2 - they did in fact manage to fill the whole of the paper in drawings.
 Skyler on the other hand loves this trip and keeps himself very busy.  He loves the climbing wall, and this year won enough tokens to get a lava lamp.  He was pretty impressed with himself!
 We had no tears or tantrum when it came to Santa, just 3 very excited little people.
 Ryley was given this super funny little purple elephant backpack that has a stuffy that attaches to it, she loved it!  I thought it was just about the weirdest looking thing that I have ever seen.
 Thank you Pason for a really fun day.

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