Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A start on Ethan's room

We finally got started on Ethans room.  We have a ways to go still, but I LOVE this map.  as you can see it fills all of the wall behind his bed.  Jordan and I spent an afternoon and put up the map, and then I painted a bunch of trim, and we added the boarder to 'frame out' the map.  It is so impact full, and lovely.  This is the room that I secretly wish was mine.  I also love that Ethan is learning, he will jump on his bed and show you where Calgary is, and he is slowly learning other places too.  I still need to put some vinyl up on his wall, get him a nice chocolate brown comforter or quilt, and find a dresser that I can paint green and do a fun makeover on, but this is a start, and I am soo excited to see it all finished!

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Tamara Loewen said...

LOVE the map! So jealous! My map I got for my basement is not nearly that big!