Thursday, May 24, 2012


I have this brother, who used to be one of my best friends.  He could make me laugh when nobody else could.  He was goofy, and so fun to be around.  When Dad got sick the first time (12 years ago) he started to act out, and although I totally think that it is an excuse, that is when he started making choices in his life that resulted in us growing apart.  This progressively got worse to the point where I could hardly stand to be in the same room as him.  He was angry all of the time.  Jordan and I would come down from Edmonton
and it would take me nearly a week to calm down after we would go home.  Over the past couple of years he has worked really hard to make his life right.  I have worked really hard to be less judgmental, more accepting, and most of all loving regardless of what choices he was making in his life.  We have gotten a lot closer over this past year.

Back in April was the first time that he ever expressed interest in spending time with my kids, outside of the 10 minutes that he would stick around after dinner on Sundays.  This means so much to me.  I LOVE that  he wants to be a part of their loves, and I LOVE that I want him to be a part of their lives. There is so much that they can learn from him.

My brother took my boys to comicon.  They loved it!  It was a sacrifice.  The passes were a birthday gift of his, and he sacrificed some of his good time, and doing all of the things that he wanted to do to make sure that my kids had a good time.  He even gave them each some money to buy a souvenir.
 He took Sklyer on a simulated pod race, and they got to meet all kinds of neat super heroes and Star Wars characters.


 Skyler packed a little bobble head Darth Vader which he brought out to show him.  He tells me that Princess Leah thought it was nice.
 He also tells me that his guy (I have no idea who he is!) let him hold his gun.  How cool is that?

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