Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was wonderful!  Skyler had talked to me a couple of times about the store called Dairy Queen where we could buy an ice cream cake for mothers day, and that we should do that.  I reminded him each time that he had to talk to Jordan because Mommy didn't make plans for Mothers Day.

Saturday night the kids made me a schedule for Sunday so that I could get ready and not worry about anything, except doing Ryleys hair of course, and it gave us enough time to walk to church, which I LOVE to do.  Jordan was up early and made good on this schedule, in fact I was chastised a few times for falling behind schedule.  I was given some beautiful flowers, as well as a new workout series, which has been fun working through it.  My kids and husband made me feel great, and I feel so blessed to be able to be a mother.  Life is good, and I am so grateful for my family.

We did some crafting for the gifts for both my mom and MIl.

For my Mom we made a grandkids photo board.  She is always trying to keep up on pictures of the kids at work, but that often includes finding new frames, and then finding someone to help her hang them.  We used an old cabinet door (refuse from my brother in laws last flip) some vinyl and clothes pins.  I LOVE how it turned out, and that she can now easily update her photos and that it will accommodate grand kids that are yet to come.

I do need to say though that my brothers really stole the show in showing appreciation for my Mom.  She really loves the beach boys and wanted to see them in concert when they are here during the stampede.  Not only did they get her tickets but they ensured that each of her kids would be there with her. (except Stephen who is still on his mission) She LOVED this, and it is one thing that helps make her feel a little more loved and appreciated.  I have said it before, but I love my Mom dearly, and I am soo lucky that she gets to live with me.  I am able to learn so much from her and look forward to a little talk every night.  I am so blessed that she is my Mom.

For my MIL we made a birthday board.  She now has 9 grand kids, and one on the way, and there are more still to come.  We thought it would be nice to help her keep track of all of the birthdays.
as you can see, a few months are a lot busier than others in our family.  I am so grateful for my Mother in Law, she teaches me a lot,and is a great example of faith and service.  Her family is soo important to her, and I get to watch her as she works to keep us all close.  

A Mother is truly an inspired role to have, and I am so grateful that I am able to fill this role, and that I am able to learn how to do it well, by watching such wonderful women.  Happy Mother Day!

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