Thursday, December 3, 2009


Every year since I was a little girl (probably close to Skylers age) My mom and I would go to my aunts house and make homemade chocolates before Christmas. It was a girls weekend, and I have some great memories. I remember being frozen, and told to hurry up, I remember having way too many bosses, I remember the drives with my mom, the tummy aches from too many samples, I even remember sleeping with my aunt Sandy (she had a water bed) and having her flop into bed and shoot me out the other side. I don't have pictures of us girls working but I have pictures of new memories. My grandma sang Ryley to sleep while I was busy dipping chocolates, and Grandpa, who had just had surgery 3 days before helped as well.I don't have a bunch of sisters, or any for that matter, but really hope to continue on the tradition, and make memories for Ryley of our weekends together.


Jenn M said...

Aww making memories are great..

I remember making whipped shortbread and butter tarts with my momma.. :)

Ashley Dawn said...

Awww, those are great memories. I don't think I have ever made chocolates....shhh, don't tell anyone!