Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas was Great!

so here are my 2 homemade gifts this year. I am super proud of them, and was so excited to give them away. The first is photo coaster, I made a few sets of these, each set of 4 costing me $1.20. Funds were super tight this year, but I love this gift! The second is this heritage quilt that I made with 2 of my sister in laws for my in laws. The effort was not lost on them, and all of the work that went into it was so worth it because they really loved the gift.

This year we decided to lessen the running between houses. Both of our parents live minutes from each other, so in years past we have opened gifts with both families Christmas day, and then stayed with on for Christmas dinner. This year we spent Christmas eve with Jordan's family, and Christmas Day with mine. It was nice not to feel like we had to get somewhere soon. Christmas eve Skyler sang a song for the talent show, and then made a vary handsome shepherd. Ethan would have nothing to do with either. We made dessert, and decided to make a cakeball tree with chocolate 'ornaments' It really was a fun day.

Christmas morning we opened stockings at home and then took off to my parents place. It was so fun. Skyler really understood what was going on and Ethan loved unwrapping gift but about 2 hours in the boys had lost interest. We were very spoiled, and feel very blessed to have so much wonderful family so close. I love the Christmas season!

oh, and for Christmas Jordan published my blog for me!

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Jenn M said...

Those are wonderful. I wish I had the ability to be creative. :)

Happy new year. May 2010 bring you love and happiness!