Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 18th

My baby brother turns 18 on Saturday, but because my parents will be out of town we had a little celebration on Sunday. Skylery thinks that every party needs a pinata, so as he has been looking at our calender and seeing the birthday sticker coming up he has been begging me to make a pinata (seriously, when he gets invited to another party he asks me to call the mom to see if I can make a pinata) I was asking Jordan what kind of Pinata I could possible make for Stephen, and he smiles and says a hot dog because Stephen has fondly been the weenie of the family, and I am not sure he will ever grow out of that, because we won't let him. It took a while, but we did make a weenie pinata and filled it with some things that the older boys would like. There were gold balls, tees, socks, full sized chocolate bars, and then some fruit snacks, and things that my boys would enjoy as well. It was a lot of fun seeing the boys get into it. I am not sure what happened, but I thought I had taken pictures of all of us getting into the pinata, but when I went to unload them from the camer, I only had some a Stephen and John. I really hope it was something I did wrong, and not something wrong with the camera!


Bree Johnson said...

we laughed so hard at that pinata!

Carla McDaniel said...

Never too old for a Pinata!!!!