Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ashley Lake

Every year we spend some time at Ashley Lake in Montana (Jordan's Parents have a Cabin on the Lake) The whole family loves it, and this year was no different. We traveled down through Magrath so that we could celebrate Magrath Days, and the boys Loved it. Saturday morning my Aunt and Uncle served some Divine pancakes with whipped cream, strawberry's, peaches and bananas, and fresh blueberry's. We took the boys down the street for the parade which had some mighty ghetto floats in it, but they threw candy, so it didn't really matter. The boys ended up with a grocery sac full of candy. There was a petting Zoo which Ethan loved and Skyler could have done without, and an Astro Jump which Skyler loved, and Etrhan could have done with out (Ethan loves them but just kept getting bounced into the wall which did limit the fun factor) Home for a nap, and then we got to go for a free town dinner of beef on a bun, which by the way is better than you would expect when it is being made for the whole town. We were able to put the boys to bed and then walk across the street for an amazing view of the fireworks. I love them because you are sitting right underneath them instead of 25 city blocks away, and they do put on a good show. Sunday we went to 2 hours of church before hitting the road for Montana.

The family is outgrowing the cabin in Montana so this year there was a trailer added which our family got, and I loved it. Sure we are still figuring out the power and water thing, as in someone walks by and absent mindedly pushes down the lever on the water, and all of a sudden I have no water, and the electricity came loose so I had alarms going off at 11 at night, but I still think it was the best accommodations. It had air conditioning if we needed it, and we had our own little haven to retreat to after a fun day.

Our week was filled with tube rides which both boys loved. Skyler was always shaking the tube, giving thumbs up, lying on his tummy or back, or just going crazy in general. Ethan loved them as well, and kept asking to go super fast (I think we have a little speed demon on our hands)Jordan wake boarded, wake surfed, and skied like a pro, which is good since I am no good at
it, and couldn't do anything this year because I am pregnant.

Skyler used a ski trainer this year, and loved it, although I am sure it will be another year or two before we have hum up on real skis.Each day Skyler would jump into the lake. Ethan preferred the hot tub but wouldn't turn down a free ride where someone else is in the lake.This year Grandma Nielson had a grandma store so the kids would get a penny for doing jobs around the Cabin like emptying the dishwasher, cleaning up dishes, making their beds, and of course jumping in the lake. Then the pennies could be used at grandmas store to buy candy, or if they saved up a little they could buy bubbles, books, butterfly nets, and all kinds of cool things. I think it was brilliant. The kids were more than willing to help for a penny, and it gave them the opportunity to buy entertainment for the the lake. It also helped to teach them about saving their pennies for the bigger prize.

There was also the annual talent show and potluck while we were there, and the boys sand the bumblebee song, which was super cute. At the dinner Skyler decided to stuff a rock up hios nose - BOYS! I remember my brither John shoving a bead up his nose when we were kids, but he was quite a bit older than Skyler.

All in All in was a fabulous week, but I am also happy to be home, sleeping in my own bed.

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