Friday, October 31, 2008

where is the cooking spray?

Seriously? I am a little bit weird as in Monday is the day that I vacuum my floors upstairs, and Wednesday is the day that I Clean my bathrooms,and Fridays, well that is the day that I clean the basement and do laundry.

While I was upstairs preparing for the loads and loads of laundry to travel downstairs Skyler and Nathan decided to find some trouble, where you ask, well why not torment the fish.

They took cooking spray and thoroughly coated the bowl, and sprayed plenty inside, while in the process managed to spray all of my floors and table. Then just for kicks added chocolate chips and pancakes. That poor fish, I am not sure it will live until tomorrow.

1 comment:

The Bullknitter said...

Oh well, at least you won't have a dead fish stuck to the tank anywhere... or the floor or the table.