Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Non verbal words

Just because my 16 month old is not verbal in the sense of carrying on a conversation, or telling me what he would like, he certainly has a way of getting his point across. He is a horrible eater, and I fight with him to eat anything besides breakfast (and snacks of course) so I was thrilled when he started eating rice at dinner. I always offer him food hoping one day... Well tonight he ate, and made a mess, but then started fussing, he stood up in his seat, leaned toward the pot of rice - I asked if he wanted more, and took a scoop, and just to make sure that I new what he wanted he jams his fist down onto his plate. He cracks me up!
sorry you have to ignore the snotty nose, he hasn't been feeling up to par lately.


Carla said...

love the mess he made. rice is healthy...so if he's eating it...great!

Debbi said...

I can't even see the snotty nose, if you hadn't have said anything! ;)