Saturday, October 11, 2008


so sometimes there are those days where nothing seems to be going right. The day starts off with your son getting grease stains all over the front of his shirt - when there are family photos planned for later that day. Feeling like you are the last to be informed about anything because your husband is a man- isn't it supposed to be that way?? It is not his fault that he is a boy right??? with 3 sisters, we do seem to be the last to find out about everything, and today it was getting to me. My parents are on a cruise on the other side of the world Yay them - except they have asked me to watch their home where 3 of my brothers are living, and help them to follow the rules laid out. A big confrontation occurred where I am called all kinds of nasty names that I chose not to repeat, oh and I was told that I am hated and dead to them. If that isn't a warm fuzzy then I don't know what is. Walking to my home from my parents place I cried, I cried really hard. I love my brothers - all of them. Faults and all. I am not perfect, and my shortcomings are in my face every day. I came home to my family, my sweet husband, and my 2 little boys, and I feel THANKFUL! I don't feel sorry for myself, or frustrated or upset with anyone. I feel grateful. My boys knowing that it was cold outside, and a small portion of the confrontation from when they dropped me off had turned my bathroom into something similar to thisI had candles all around the room, soft music and a hot bath filled just for me. I am so thankful for perspective, for my children and for my wonderful husband. Life is good!


Anonymous said...

aww whaT a good hubby!

Kalina said...

Hey Mel. I tagged you in my blog. Go to for the instructions.

What a nice treat. I'm sure you loved it.