Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Home

We moved on December 15th, just over 1 week before Christmas, and we feel very blessed to be where we are. Jordan was put to work almost immediately on projects to help us be better organized. One of those was storage in the garage. We have 13 foot ceilings in the garage, so he built storage coming down instead of shelves on the ground. He and his Dad put in some good hours one day and they were done, now we have to fill them with storage - although that will not be a problem.

The second project was a locker system in the mudroom. I LOVE how they turned out, and love the independence that it gives the kids to be responsible for their own coat shoes etc. The kids also enjoy being able to be more independent, so it is a win win situation.

I will post some pictures of the rest of the house shortly.

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bree johnson said...

that is sooo beautiful!!!!! JORDAN COME TO MY HOUSE!