Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chritsmas Eve

 We hosted Christmas this year to help accommodate Mom.  All of my brothers were going elsewhere for Christmas, and Mom was not comfortable joining us at Nielsons for Christmas Eve, so we hosted it and mom was a part of the action.  We had Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Cooper, Loewens, and Ashlyn and Jeff.  We did it some what traditional for both sides of the family.  My family always does appetizers on Christmas eve, so we had appetizers.  Then the Nielsons always do a talent show, and act out the Nativity, so we did all of that , and played some minute to win it games. Skyler, Grandpa Nielson, and Uncle Jeff all had magic tricks to show off, and the Skyler, Dakota, and Grandma Nielson played the piano. As the night wound down, and we were getting ready to go our separate ways the kids all got some new pajamas.  We had a lot of angry birds jammies, and a lot of happy and excited kids.

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